This is the website showcasing the photography of Alan Ward. His focus has been shifting towards telling stories through dramatic portraits, while still retaining an interest in landscape and dark cities/night towns.

During 2021, Alan explored more creative avenues with lighting and set design across a number of themes, ranging from colour themes, stories and characters. 2022 will see further exploration, specifically in series of old fantasy and mythology.

While running a successful small consultancy in Enterprise Architecture, assisting large organisations to achieve their aims, he chose to focus more time and effort on photography. There is much in common between the two disciplines; both take information and display it in different ways to achieve a range of responses.

You can read more about the consultancy angle at alancward.co.uk.

Explorations on the cross-over and intersection of photography and Enterprise Architecture can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/awardsounds/

This site is being re-developed during Feb-Apr 2022.