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Image of Erica, a ballerina. A portrait of Erica, smiling in an ivory tutu with embroidered decorations.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Mainly because I’ve been focussing on photography itself, amidst moving house and town/city, rather than keeping the website up-to-date. That’s changing. I’ll be catching-up with publishing some of the session images here over the next few weeks. In parallel, I’m planning a number of shoots with a mixture of in studio and on location across a number of themes. 2021 saw me exploring different styles of shoots and images, understanding what I’m interested in progressing further. I’m trending towards dramatic portraits that feature colour heavily or black and white, with not much…

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I’ve been to a few artisan markets recently and wondered how many of the stall-holders would be suitable for the Artisans of Great Britain photography project I’m working on. So I’ve put 4 slides together to attempt to highlight the differences and the focus. I say “attempt” because it’s not a clear line. I’m not going to exclude anyone, but I will focus more on some than others.

Steampunk Van

I spent a fair amount of time this last weekend at the Haworth Steampunk Weekend in Yorkshire, England. There are 2 albums from that event on Silk Hat Studio’s Facebook page. There will be a few other images that didn’t make it into the albums on the Instagram page. Haworth Steampunk Weekend Album 1 Haworth Steampunk Weekend Album 2

Silk Hat Studio is now on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll see different images on those, where I’ll keep this site more as a portfolio and blog. To get in touch, DM on one of those sites.

Intro slide for the Artisans of Great Britain

The Artisans of Great Britain is one of the four main themes of my photography. This presentation, hosted on SlideShare gives a brief overview of the aims and outputs of this project. Artisans of Great Britain from Alan Ward