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  • Evil Queen

    Evil Queen


    Taking a darker angle on the typical evil queen trope. With Xenia, shot at the Boardroom in Derby.

  • Ashleigh Rae

    Ashleigh Rae


    The original inspiration for this shoot was Subway, Luc Besson’s movie from the 1980s. It was a loose inspiration that let us play with it. I’d also acquired some RGBW LED strip lights since I knew that colour was going to play a major part in the shoot.

  • Black and White Fashion

    Black and White Fashion


    Featuring a bold green and silver striped jumpsuit with such high contrast that we just had to shoot it in black and white.

  • Wedding Fine Art

    Wedding Fine Art


    I’d found a vintage wedding dress and I hadn’t found a model to suit it. Then I heard that Lydia was at Zavod Studio and I thought she’d be ideal. The dress is possibly 1940s; it features pockets and a bolero. The odd thing about the pockets – or at least odd to me not…

  • Show Girls

    Show Girls

    I’ve always thought that idea for anything bespoke starts with the conversation between client and the artist/supplier. So I view imagery as something that needs to be brought into existence, to evolve and be nurtured. So it’s rare that I go to an event where the set has already been designed, the costumes are already…

  • Creative Makeup Again

    Creative Makeup Again

    Another session focussing on creative makeup. Featuring AMKmodel and Fern Lynch-Bowers as MUA. Shot at Zavod Studio, Sheffield

  • Makeshift


    Creating a dress by hanging and clipping the fabric

  • Fearless


    This was loosely, very loosely, inspired by Netflix’s adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. That set the theme that we then riffed on and went in different directions.

  • Mobility


    Grace and me had discussed a shoot before, and then accelerated when she contacted me wanting images that featured her modern mobility aids. We’d agreed on a gothic or spooky theme for some of the images, using Lacrimosa as the musical influence. You can see a loose fence that I’d fabricated from older-style walking sticks.…

  • Medusa


    We’d been talking about this concept for a while and then decided to shoot very quickly. Amkmodel got in touch suggesting availability later the same week and that coincided with my own availability. One problem; we didn’t have everything ready. So I spent the evenings building and preparing the props, costume for the shoot. Fortunately,…