Creating images to portray you as you want to be seen

We’ll create images that are suitable for your professional profile, website, social media profiles and your corporate brochures,

Talk to me about the style of the image. Are you aiming for business formal, friendlier, social or aiming to make your audience think?

Individual Headshots

Are you looking for a headshot refresh? Do you want a high quality set of images suitable for sending to agencies or to update your portfolio?

Typically expect 2 hours, including set-up and tear-down to pack away at the end of the session. This leaves roughly 90 minutes of photography with an outfit change or two. We’ll agree a location, which is usually a studio and I know a few around the country and can get recommendations for areas I’m less familiar with.

Corporate Headshots

Featuring headshots of individuals, to be taken on your premises in a suitable room, and delivered to you digitally.

The advantage of purchasing from one photography studio is the ability to receive a more consistent style of image for every image.

Other factors to consider – all to be agreed up front: 

  • rental of a studio if you require an independent space or one specifically designed for photography, 
  • expenses for travel, accommodation, subsistence, parking (if required), 
  • large postage (if required)
  • prop, costume, furniture hire (if required)
  • retouching (if required to fashion magazine level)

The room

Which room in which building? Often it’s a conference room, but make sure any prior bookings for that room are moved to another room in advance.

Is the state of the room fit for photography? To be efficient with your staff, I typically require a room that has clear floorspace of 5m x 3m minimum with clear, tidy walls that are not reflective whiteboards. I’d also expect to be able to control the lighting in the room, so automatic lighting can be problematic. We can work around that, but it’s good to know in advance.

I can bring coloured background screens but these require 3m x 1.5. to be set-up cleanly

White backgrounds require more space due to needing to light them effectively.

On the Day

How will your staff be brought into the room? Will you have a roster or a queue? Who will organise the day?


We recommend that we use a hair and makeup artist to tidy appearances ready for camera. No matter how well-presented a person is, we can all benefit from even minimal interaction with a professional makeup artist. The artist will also assist in creating a common look. I’d recommend having the make-up artist in an adjoining room, or possibly in the same room if large enough to accommodate a temporary partition between preparation and photography.