Image is a fine art image, featuring a Caucasian woman with red hair wearing a vintage wedding dress. She is pouring tea from a teapot at height into a cup

Wedding Fine Art


I’d found a vintage wedding dress and I hadn’t found a model to suit it. Then I heard that Lydia was at Zavod Studio and I thought she’d be ideal. The dress is possibly 1940s; it features pockets and a bolero. The odd thing about the pockets – or at least odd to me not being a vintage wedding dress connoisseur – is that the pockets are always half-in, half-out. You could put a mobile phone in them (not that one would have existed when it was originally made), but the rest of the pocket would still be stuck on the outside like wings. They’re a feature!

Lydia was awesome on this shoot, bringing a confidence in posture and posing that demanded very little from me. I provided the set idea and props, and then was assisted by Xenia at Zavod Studio in Sheffield in assembling the set. After choosing and placing the lights where I wanted them, off we went.

I’d thoroughly recommend Lydia.