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  • Wedding Fine Art

    Wedding Fine Art


    I’d found a vintage wedding dress and I hadn’t found a model to suit it. Then I heard that Lydia was at Zavod Studio and I thought she’d be ideal. The dress is possibly 1940s; it features pockets and a bolero. The odd thing about the pockets – or at least odd to me not…

  • Creative Makeup Again

    Creative Makeup Again

    Another session focussing on creative makeup. Featuring AMKmodel and Fern Lynch-Bowers as MUA. Shot at Zavod Studio, Sheffield

  • Makeshift


    Creating a dress by hanging and clipping the fabric

  • Fearless


    This was loosely, very loosely, inspired by Netflix’s adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. That set the theme that we then riffed on and went in different directions.

  • Mobility


    Grace and me had discussed a shoot before, and then accelerated when she contacted me wanting images that featured her modern mobility aids. We’d agreed on a gothic or spooky theme for some of the images, using Lacrimosa as the musical influence. You can see a loose fence that I’d fabricated from older-style walking sticks.…

  • Creative Makeup

    Creative Makeup

    Images from Creative Makeup shoots

  • Totoro to Otomo

    Totoro to Otomo

    A mouthful of a title, expressing the concepts from a shoot. Moving from the clean images of Studio Ghibli to something more violent as found in Akira. This was the first attempt at the shoot, which has left us with further ideas for a future shoot. There are also a few retrowave-inspired images in the…

  • Disco Darkness 2

    Disco Darkness 2

    I’d already booked Zavod Studio in Sheffield for two shoots, one person followed by another on the same theme. But heard a couple of days before that the second model had to isolate. So Annie stepped in with a day’s notice and got into the theme.

  • Disco Darkness 1

    Disco Darkness 1

    Emily proposed the theme of Disco Darkness after we’d discussed lighting, clothing and what we could do with the space available. Shot at Zavod Studio, Sheffield.

  • Pink Vibes

    Pink Vibes


    From a studio shoot with Katey, where we shot on a pink theme