June 2024 Update: New, darker themes planned for the Summer

I’ve been in the studio regularly from February to June with a consistent set of mood-boards to get the conversations started. That’s prompted a lot of sessions, including preparation, the shoots themselves and the follow-ups. It’s given me chance to explore a few styles, themes and some techniques that I was curious about. Now’s the time to refresh the moodboards, so we’ll see some darker imagery, some more ethereal aesthetic, taking these sessions in a different direction for a few months. I expect that I’ll refresh the themes again after Summer.

New themes

These are the new themes that I’m adding for this Summer

  • Fae
  • Ethereal
  • Darker Imagery
  • Gothic Ethereal
  • Light Wraith
  • Dark Wraith
  • Explorer

Existing Themes

I’ll also be continuing exploring the following themes:

  • Northern Riviera
  • Mythology, especially Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology

You can see the mood-boards on Pinterest at https://pin.it/6a65HDq17

I’m shooting these on a regular basis in Sheffield