October 2022

It’s been a full 12 months.

…not since I started. I first picked up a camera somewhere around age 7. An old Halina 110. Awful but fun and gave me the bug. I remember it had a normal and telephoto option and advancing to the next frame was a pull-out, push-in manoeuvre. From that, I moved on to Rollei SL35 E.

…not since I started taking photography more seriously. That happened on a photography trip to Helsinki back in 2019.

…not since I started to shoot people properly (as opposed to studio shots with friends and family). That happed in April 2020, with Natalie (@ncgmodel)

…but it’s been 12 months since I’ve been exploring what photography means to me, exploring the value in it for me, exploring how people react to the images I create and exploring where I want my photography to be in the future.

So that I could explore freely without influence, I kept money out of the equation (at least on my side). That’s meant that for the last year, I haven’t been charging for photoshoots. Usually I’ve responded to requests by accommodating a sharing arrangement for everyone’s benefit or simply saying no. Now that I’ve spent 12 months exploring, it’s time to start charging.

That explains the creation of new section on this site for Photography Services. There are no set prices; coming from a business angle for many years before this, I’m interested in the impact, and while the business consultant in me recognises the benefit of repeatable process and fixed pricing, it’s not where I want to take this business.

It also explains why I’ll be refining the portfolio pages. They are currently albums of greatest hits per shoot. They need to be a greatest hits page across all shoots. I’ll start culling soon.