November 2022 – An update in Sheffield; medusa, dancer, influencer and retrowave

This has been a quiet month with 4 shoots so far and one workshop to come.

All the shoots this month have occurred in Sheffield. Much of them have taken place in the Zavod Studio in Sheffield City Centre and one on location out near the Peak District.

Gorgon and the Stones

The first this month was a shoot centred on the Medusa myth. That suited me right to the ground. I’ve wanted to explore mythology themes for a while and have steadily been working towards that. That has included researching the themes and the stories, sourcing outfits and props, building props, planning and organising. For this shoot, we’d already discussed the theme earlier in the year so it was a matter of bringing it all together in a few days from decision to shoot. That included making a shield, making a spear, making a headdress and obtaining a few items to make the shoot work.

The stones in question were a stone circle which seemed appropriate considering the effect of Medusa’s gaze.

Headshots and Creative Imagery

I’ve ran three separate headshot shoots this month, each starting with simple headshots and then moving towards more creative imagery, depending on what themes we’d agreed to beforehand. I’ll describe at least one of these in more detail in a later article.


Following on from the success of the Gold on Gold event, we’re running another event on a retrowave theme. This is on Friday 25th November 2022. You can see more at the Sheffield studio site: Retrowave Event.


In the background, I’ve got 4 main conversations on the go for future creative shoots where we’re actively planning and a number of other conversations just starting out.