May 2023

It’s been a busy time recently.

While I’ve settled on sharp, large print creative photography and creative portraits as being the main focus for Silk Hat Studio, I’ve been exploring other styles.

This was partly to understand the limitations of other techniques. partly to knock a few items off the ever-growing projects list and partly to get out of my comfort zone and explore. The project list now has over 130 projects and is my default go-to document when someone asks to collaborate and they have no idea what to shoot. It’s also what I keep in mind when I’m looking for props, set design or outfits.

This last few weeks has seen:

There’s still more to explore with fine art nude and softer imagery while retaining sharp focus. So I’d expect to see more of those over the coming year.

In parallel, I’m continuing with the storytelling themes in studio and on location. You’ll still find me out and about scouting for new locations, but I keep coming back to my favourite sites in the Peak District just west of Chesterfield and Sheffield.